Mosi Park

AndreaMoser made this level, it is huge. Enjoy it. If you don’t like copying and pasteing codes you can see all the levels made with the new level creator at Play Now:

Mid-Semester Blues

BehindFeline crated this creative level, “It started off as a map I found, have completely changed it since. I have worked on it for countless hours working on the unique features and have also added the rails from the update.” CODE: SHREDSAUCE tm3 2ca59c18 im5 m1 ox5a623 zx9ac47 om2ca629 mal mal mal im5 m1 ox5a721 […]


Last week Malcolm introduced a few new rails, boxes, and a terrain option in the level editor. 40+ rails, jump line, and halfpipe. CODE: SHREDSAUCE tm3 9a3865c3 ix m1 ovam zx2am ovam mal mal mal il17 m1 om29a385 zm15ac91 om74a3c5 18cal 18cal 18cal il13 m1 om39a944 zm14a559 om74a977 17ca69 18cal 18cal im1 m1 om29a389 zm14a786 om67ac44 […]


IF3 is happening now! More info can be found here. You can also livestream it here. CODE:SHREDSAUCE tm1 ix m1 ovam zx2am ovam 18cal 18cal 18cal im4 m1 zvac1c zm26a641 om65a429 18cal 18cal 18cal im4 m1 zvac1c zm26a641 om6ca246 165a52 18cal 18cal im7 m1 zx1ac38 zm31a456 om36a285 198a62 18cal 18cal im8 m1 zm12a44c zm38a841 om93a562 […]


With the recent announcement of shredsauce mobile the game is heating up again. Finally we get some new levels worthy of posting! This level has a quite a few exciting rails and a jump section on the left. Its time to get excited for ski season again, so be sure to submit your shredsauce levels! […]

Jib Pipe Supertrack

This level is refreshingly changes the usual slopestyle or park layout. You start in a superpipe, then end up in a large field of rials and jibs. This gem was difficult to find in the drought that is shredsauce levels in the summer. CODE: SHREDSAUCE tm1 im6 m1 zm33a154 zm65a2c6 ol158a667 169a66 18cal 18cal im6 […]

Jib Garden V2

  I know some of who have brought out your summer rail set ups, and I this level reminds me of those. This level is a revision of popular level Jib Garden. Enjoy! CODE: SHREDSAUCE tm1 i9c18 m1 zm18a791 zx2a824 ox7a91c 18cal 18cal 18cal i9c19 m1 zm17a315 zx3a625 ox8a393 18cal 18cal 18cal i9c15 m1 zm15ac23 zx5ac23 ox9a177 […]

Streets at Seven Springs

  Special-J explains: “So I made Streets at Seven Springs and honestly its pretty damn perfect. I couldn’t ski this year so I had to get my fix somehow… Even if you aren’t from springs, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.” Enjoy this great shredsauce level. CODE: SHREDSAUCE tm1 ix m1 ox3a421 zx2a59c ova279 18cal 18cal […]

Jib Garden

Jib Garden is fenced off to prevent gapers from getting in, so you will need some skill to shred this level. You’ll only get a few hits per run, but each one is unique and well built. That being said, the flow is a little weird, so use those session markers! Enjoy! CODE: SHREDSAUCE tm1 […]